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Our ambition is to become the world’s best franchise system within coffee shop retail. If you share our passion for coffee and great service, you are invited to join us in taking our brand to your market.

Over the past twenty years, the coffee shop industry has progressed tremendously. National and international chains have responded to global consumer demand for a comfortable and relaxing environment where friends, colleagues and family can gather over a cup of coffee and a pastry, or something fresh to eat.

The fast development of Waynes is possible through franchising. Thanks to this, we have been able to transfer our know-how to local entrepreneurs, allowing us to expand and duplicate our business in several countries.

Waynes is the first and leading coffee shop franchise chain in Sweden and now active on a global scale in 8 countries. We want to continue our journey and are looking to offer franchise rights for new countries to local investors worldwide. Join us on our journey!


We opened our first coffee shop in Stockholm in 1994. With our unique design and music concept we set a new standard for the modern European urban coffee concept. Nowadays, we are a global chain and one of the leading coffee shop chains in Scandinavia.

The idea of Waynes was born from a dream of setting up a new type of meeting place. A homely yet urban environment where you can sit down and enjoy conversations, good beverages, delicious bakery and something fresh to eat. A meeting place with it’s roots  in the Swedish ”fika” tradition, where people come together to enjoy each other´s com-pany over a cup of coffee, combined with the Italian coffee culture. Since 1994, we have grown into a global chain with over 150 coffee shops in 8 different countries, and serving over 50,000 guests every day.


Waynes is a family founded business, and is now owned by a large German coorporation. The ownership structure is geared towards the expansion and development of the chain to become one of the biggest coffee shop chains in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The chain is managed from the international headquarters in Stockholm where focus lies on operational support, sales, marketing, new market development and product development.



We offer a flexible concept where we can adjust our solution to match the local conditions. Therefor we can optimize our offer to reach maximum profitability.


Our vision is to be the most sustainable coffee shop chain. For us, this means offering a profitable and durable coffee shop concept, and act in a responsible and sustainable way towards our partners, our employees and our environment. A testiment to this is only offering organic coffee and getting rid of all fossil fuel based plastics in our take away material several years before the competition.


Waynes is a family founded coffee shop chain, and the personal relationships that are created within a family is still what separates us from other franchise concepts. We believe that by being understanding and attentive to the needs of our partners, and at the same time being very clear and direct with our expectations and demands in a partnership, we can give you the best conditions possible to succeed in your market.


Our ambition is to become the world’s best franchise system within coffee shop retail. If you share our passion for coffee and great service, you are invited to join us in taking our brand to your market.

To do business with us, you need to:

• have experience and knowledge of the food and beverage industry.

• have sufficient financial resources to open a chain of Wayne’s Coffee shops covering your territory.

• have the knowledge required to operate an F&B/Retail business in your territory.

• appreciate the Scandinavian spirit of our company:we are entrepreneurial in our minds, straightforward in the way we communicate, honest in the way we do business and curious about the world.


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