Historical moments


Our first coffee shop opened on Kungsgatan 14 in central Stockholm. Not only was it the first one in the chain; it was the first coffee shop in Sweden to serve Caffe Latte!


We invest in a franchise concept and take first step outside Stockholm. A new coffee shop was opened in Uppsala.


We left Sweden for the first time. Our expansion crossed the border into Finland, where we opened yet another coffee shop.


The Internet arrived with full force at Wayne’s. This year, we launched free Internet in all our coffee shops in Sweden.


Finland is joined by Norway, which was yet another Nordic country in the Wayne’s family. Our coffee also became Rainforest Alliance certified.


In 1994, we were the first to serve Caffe Latte in Sweden. We repeated this feat in Saudi Arabia when we launched our first coffee shop in the country.


Were the first to serve organic Barista milk.


We were named “Franchise chain of the year 2017” at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. The reasons included our purposeful work on increased sustainability.


We open our first coffee shop in Vietnam and Germany.


Waynes logo is updated for the first time in 25 years, we go from being Wayne’s Coffee to becoming Waynes, and we launch a completely new café design.