Privacy policy

On this page we describe how we handle personal data, store data and to what extent we use Cookies. All for you to feel safe with what we collect and save. You can use our website without leaving personal information, in this case, some features could disappear.

Wayne’s Coffee Sweden is responsible for the personal information you provided to us in our forms regarding questions, support and declares interest in becoming a franchisee.

Info, support and franchise forms

In order to assist you in the best possible way in the requested case, the information you provided to us will be saved for 365 days, then the data will be deleted. Only those people who need to process your information to help you, will have access to the data.

Like many others, we use Cookies, all to enhance user-friendliness and optimize the website for you as a visitor and for analysis and marketing. Of course, you can reject the use of Cookies, but some functionality, service, and pages may lose functionality and you may experience a worsening experience of the website.

When you arrive at the website for the first time, a banner will appear that will give you the choice to opt out of cookies or accept the use. You can also remove cookies afterwards. This is done in your browser’s help menu under settings or scroll down to “Cookie settings”. But this can be a negative impact on website functionality and ease of use.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a text file consisting of letters and numbers stored on your computer, so we can remember, for example, saving previous preferences, login to the website and third party marketing.

First-party Cookies

This type of Cookie is set on the site you visit, and these enable some functionality on the website. A clear example of optimizing the user-friendliness of Cookies is saved preferences from your last visit.

Use of third party Cookies

Based on your consent, we also use third party cookies like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. The data collected through third-party pixels is unavailable and cannot be controlled by us, but you can still reject it on our website. There, we refer to the information provided by Google under their information on how they handle cookies.

Googles privacy policy >>

Google analytics
This makes it possible to compile and store anonymous data to obtain statistics on behaviour on the site and create statistical reports. All in order to improve the user experience. Data stored via cookies cannot be linked to the person and is anonymous. Data is saved for 38 months and then automatically deleted by Google.