We think that snack should not only taste good – it should feel good!

On the menu

Wayne's coffee

On the menu you will find our unique blend of coffee, cold drinks, delicious bakery products and fresh food. We think that snack should not only taste good – it should feel good! And therefore, we are happy when we find that interest in organic products is growing all the time. In close cooperations with our suppliers, we strive to give priority to eco-labeled and local produce when the season permits, and to the extent possible organic products.

Wayne’s Coffee’s new line is focused on cold-pressed juices, turmeric- and ginger shots. It helps our guests get in the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and anti inflamatory substances.
We have also developed a series of breakfasts with organic yoghurt and Acai-bowl which contains more antioxidants than any other.

Our organic coffee


Hot drinks

  • Brew Coffee

  • Caffe Latte

  • Vanilla Latte

  • Caffe Mocha

  • Cappuccino

  • Flat White

  • Espresso

  • Wayne's Tea

  • Matcha Latte

  • Hot Chocolate

Cold drinks

  • Caffe Frappe

  • Cold Brew

  • Ice Latte EKO

  • Chilled Chai

  • Wayne's lemonade

  • Yoghurt lassi

  • Wayne's smoothie

  • Cold-pressed Juice

  • Wayne's Shot

Fresh Food

  • Emapanada spinach & cheese

  • Wraps

  • Filo roll with chicken & mango

  • Bagels

  • Focaccia

  • Salads

  • Croissant with ham & cheese

  • Sourdough toast

  • Lasagne

  • Ciabatta


  • Cinnamon bun

  • Cheesecake

  • Biscotti

  • Cookie

  • Organic chocolate bun

  • Organic chocolate cake

  • Organic carrot cake

  • Apple pie

  • Organic Pain au chocolate

  • organic raw ball

”Our long-term goal is for everything you eat and drink in our coffee shops to be organic.”

Daniel Nordström
Product Development Manager, Wayne's Coffee