Wayne’s Coffee opened its first coffee shop in Stockholm in 1994. With our unique design and music concept, we set the standard for the modern European urban coffee concept. Nowadays, Wayne’s Coffee is Scandinavia’s leading franchise coffee shop chain with around 45,000 guests served every day. Today, Wayne’s Coffee operates over 125 coffee shops with a total turnover of EUR 62 million (2016) and is considered the obvious choice for coffee lovers around the world.

On the menu you will find our unique blend of coffee, cold drinks, delicious bakery products and fresh food. The idea for Wayne’s Coffee was born from our dream of setting up a new type of meeting place, a homely urban environment to sit down and enjoy conversation, good beverages and something to eat. A meeting place with its roots in the Swedish “fika” tradition, an almost cultural institution involving taking a break in your workaday life and relaxing in the company of others. Combined with the Italian coffee culture and influenced by the Swedish pastry tradition, it all came together in the vision of Wayne’s Coffee.

The concept were received incredibly well, and since then, Wayne’s Coffee has become Scandinavia’s leading coffee shop chain. New shops are constantly opening in more places, more cities, more towns and more countries, such as Saudi Arabia and UK.