Site Selection Assistance
We combine our expertise with your knowledge of the area to determine whether a Wayne’s Coffee will be successful and profitable in a certain area. Wayne’s Coffee will help you prepare a business case for each new site.

Store Design Support
Wayne’s Coffee’s architects have ample experience in designing layouts for most of our coffee shops. This extremely qualified team developed our Wayne’s Coffee standards and are best qualified to determine the viability of a certain location. They will complete a full set of drawings for your Wayne’s Coffee build-out. Additionally, our qualified team will work closely with your general contractor and the Wayne’s Coffee’s suppliers to ensure that your building process is completed efficiently, according to our standards and in a timely manner.

Training Programme
Wayne’s Coffee offers worldclass training to all of our area developers and franchisees. Before a store opens for business, training will be held in Sweden. The programme is a two-week course covering essential topics for operating and maintaining a Wayne’s Coffee shop to corporate standards. As part of our support, our training team will be on site for a minimum of four weeks during the grand opening. Our qualified staff will train your employees in all aspects of operating a Wayne’s Coffee shop.

Marketing Assistance
Wayne’s Coffee invests in marketing efforts that help support brand awareness and build foot traffic in your shops. A global marketing plan is adopted in Sweden that covers all countries, taking local characteristics into account. Marketing materials, such as global campaigns, social media materials, brochures and catalogues, are produced in Sweden in English and distributed to our franchisees.

Ongoing support
For our company to prosper, our area developers/franchisees must be happy and successful. To ensure your success, we offer exceptional, ongoing operation support that is just a phone call or email away. Additionally, our Support Specialists will visit shop locations in your region to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and identify where franchisees should focus their efforts. It’s the best way to keep a shop on track for success.