Organic coffee

Do you know when a FIKA tastes best? When saving the rain forest, contributing to better animal husbandry and reduces the use of pesticides. 

All Wayne's Coffee is organic certified by the following eco-labels .


Organic farming (Eu green organic label)
EU logo for organic production is obligatory on all pre-packaged organic food. The label allows no spraying or man-fertilization of crops.

Rainforest Alliance
In order to use the Rainforest Alliance logo, growers must preserve the existing ecosystem in the orchard. It means protecting wildlife and biodiversity. And preserve water resources and work to improve water use efficiency. In addition, good working conditions and fair treatment of workers. This riveting is only a fraction of all the improvements required for use of the label.

If you want to read more, visit their homepage:

Organic farming

Rainforest alliance